Academic Overview


Working as a team, these "engineers" are researching paper airplane designs. They are challenged to construct an airplane that can hold coins as cargo, fly ten feet and clear a four foot barrier. They did it!

Our curriculum encompasses foundational content and skill sets, the needs and interests of learners and the learning environment's resources and instructional practices. The Learning Criteria drives the curriculum and instruction. Its four dimensions - core academic learning, stretch learning, learner engagement and personal development skills -  direct faculty in addressing the needs of all learners. Within the curricular framework, skills that cultivate communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and compassion are a priority.

Technology has become an essential integrated resource that enhances the processes of both teaching and learning. Our library offers students at all levels a resource-rich learning environment. In addition to being able to make interest-based selections, students are instructed in techniques of research where they use the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and application.

Curriculum is enhanced by the presence of visiting presenters and multiple opportunities for educational field trips.

"St. Aloysius Academy is the best thing we ever did for our son. The small class size together with its values, standards, ethics, extracurricular programs and excellent academics gave us the best grade and middle school experience any parent could have wished for their child." Michael Drauschak, father of Matthew, Class of 2015.

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