Primary Grades K-2

Not only do our K-3 boys have weekly Physical Education class, they also have weekly Karate class. We are fit!

Students learn about loving God and others. Theyare exposed to the basic concepts of prayer, worship, Scripture, and doctrine, enabling them to develop as responsible Christians who have a knowledge of the Catholic faith and a commitment to service. Service to others is an important component of the student's life.

English Language Arts
Students learn from an integrated approach to language which encompasses the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Literature, grammar, phonics, spelling, and handwriting are the major components of the program. Cross-curricular connections are made with mathematics, science, and social studies. The services of a reading specialist and learning coaches are available as needed for skill reinforcement. Grades 1 and 2 are active participants in the online Accelerated Reader program.

Students are taught mathematical concepts and skills that emphasize counting by whole numbers and using the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These concepts are presented at grade-appropriate levels and reinforced and enriched by the use of manipulatives to help students move from the concrete to the abstract. Word problems give meaning to concepts. Students' math skills are fine tuned as they participate in a self-paced, online math challenge monitored by the teacher.

Students are encouraged to learn about and explore the world around them. Scientific concepts are taught through observation, experience and hands-on activities including environmental exploration on our 42-acre campus.

Social Studies
Students focus on geographical and social aspects of their world. They are aware of cultural diversity and learn about various holidays and traditions around the world. These concepts are reinforced through literature. 

World Language
Students are introduced to conversational Spanish and Spanish customs. Students are also exposed to the inflections and vocabulary of Mandarin Chinese and Chinese traditions.

Technology Literacy and Library Science
Students receive instruction in network log-on procedures. The students become familiar with the location and function of the keys on the keyboard. They recognize the differences between hardware and software and use application programs to create documents, paint, and draw. At this level, the students are introduced to "cyberspace" vocabulary and explore the Internet through directed activities. Library science helps the primary student  enhance his love of reading and expansion of his personal frame of reference.

In these early years, students learn how to sing alone, on pitch, and with appropriate diction and posture. They enjoy responding rhythmically through movement to various works and styles. Reading musical notation is also part of the learning experience. Students can elect to take piano lessons during the school day beginning in 1st grade. Our students are given the opportunity to be a member of our Cadet Band.

The visual arts focus on hands-on experiences with encouragement to discover inner artistic talents where ideas are shared and expression encouraged. In the primary grades, the student's fine and gross motor skills have developed enough to enable them to complete challenging projects and have new materials and mediums introduced. An extracurricular pottery club and craft club are offered after school.

Physical Education
On a weekly basis, the students have the opportunity to participate in programs that will enable each one to become a well-rounded individual. In addition to physical education, the students enjoy weekly karate lessons.


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